IT Support in Sacramento Can Help You Avoid Three Common Expensive Mistakes
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June 23, 2017
IT services Sacramento
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IT Support in Sacramento Can Help You Avoid Three Common Expensive Mistakes

IT support Sacramento

A Changing Environment

IT support in Sacramento must be “liquid.” It cannot be static. The environment in which it is provided will be constantly changing. Technology, especially of the computational variety, doubles on itself about every one to two years. Moore’s Law is basically still operating, even though tech has advanced exponentially since he noticed the trend. Actually, tech is going a bit faster than Moore’s observation in many cases.

With technology, you must roll with the changes, and getting such a mindset established throughout your organization is integral to conserving costs, expanding your brand, and avoiding tech expenses. To that end, three common mistakes can cost tens of thousands to tens of millions, depending on your organization’s size. These include:

  • Not upgrading from “legacy” IT solutions
  • Using tools that aren’t right for the job
  • Neglecting to enforce compliance

Legacy Problems

When it comes to IT support in Sacramento, a “legacy” system is likely one that’s more than five years old. If technology is doubling on itself at two-year intervals, a five-year-old system is 2.5 times as slow as the newest solution. If the 18-month performance modifier (as predicted by one of Moore’s colleagues) is in place, that means five-year-old technology performs almost 3 times as slow as the latest developments. This is especially true given cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), which are together expanding technology faster than ever before. It’s getting to the point where you don’t even need an on-site data center anymore because of the cloud.

Most proprietary data can be secured on a basic laptop— think of the recipe for KFC or Coca-Cola. Those are bits of information which would take up a few kilobytes, though they define worldwide organizations. Most proprietary data doesn’t need a data center, it just needs a secure electronic device free from the Internet, making cloud-computing doubly cost-effective. So if your systems are old, upgrade them to save thousands.

The Right Tools for the Right Job

A screwdriver can’t fix everything, no matter how versatile it is. In the same way, Microsoft Paint can’t do the kind of photo work Adobe Photoshop or InDesign can. If you’re trying to do professional work on underhanded tech, it’s going to take longer, which ultimately costs more. Sometimes, obsolescence undermines a tool— like if you’re, again, using legacy hardware or software.

Neglecting Compliance

Especially when it comes to education, industry, and healthcare, there are compliance protocols which change as technology upgrades; these are costly to neglect. Be on top of them. Know what your business needs to be in compliance with all rules and regulations, and if you’re unsure, keep an IT consultant from a continuously developing MSP on-call for questions.

Finding a Support Option You Can Trust

IT support in Sacramento through Noverus Innovations, Inc. is cost-effective and continuously cutting-edge. We can keep you up to date on cost-effective upgrades right for your business, help you maintain compliance, and get you the right tools for the job. Contact us for solutions designed to fit your needs specifically.