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The IT world can be complicated and even intimidating…

IT project management is best administered by professionals who understand a complex IT environment. Anytime your company wants to install, upgrade, migrate, or implement any technology solution that affects multiple users, those changes should be performed within a project framework by an experienced IT team.

Noverus Infinity has an experienced team of professionals to help your company implement technology changes through effective IT project management

A successful technology project starts with a charter. Once your company has decided on a technology change or improvement, we will help you map out a charter and define project scope, parameters, and resources. We have extensive experience collecting information used in planning and decision making, creating project plans, and implementing and executing those plans.


During the project journey, we will ensure that the project is properly documented for future reference. Our team will retire and/or dispose of old hardware, so that the burden doesn’t fall on your company. Over the course of the project, we will also help you effectively manage your resources and proactively control costs.


Once the project has been implemented, our experienced IT project management team will then monitor your technology to ensure it’s running properly. We will also conduct the necessary training that you and your users will need to understand and use the newly implemented technology. Additionally, if applicable, we can educate your IT staff so that they can successfully manage the technology well into the future.

The typical phases to a project are:

  • 1. Initiation
  • 2. Planning
  • 3. Executing
  • 4. Monitoring and controlling
  • 5. Closing

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