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Frequently Asked Questions

1What Are Managed Services?
Noverus Infinity Managed Services acts as an extension of your business. As a managed service provider (MSP), we take care of routine IT management tasks, offering true 24/7 support, 365 days a year. We proactively monitor and maintain your company’s desktops, servers, and infrastructure. We also manage critical areas such as backups, patches, and antivirus/antimalware protection to help your company avoid business-impacting IT events that may result in downtime and a hit to your bottom line. Simply put, Noverus Infinity Managed Services acts as your IT department.
2Why wouldn’t I just hire an IT person for our company?
There are many reasons more companies are moving towards a managed services provider (MSP) versus in-house staff. With an in-house IT employee, your company is relying solely on that individual to have all the expertise, time, and ability to solve every IT issue that surfaces. That is a tall order for a one-man shop or small IT team. Additionally, when in-house IT staff is ill, the ability to address and reduce downtime becomes critical to business operations. By utilizing Noverus as your MSP, your company will have access to our trained IT professionals 24/7, 365. Also, often in-house staff can come with a myriad of Human Resources needs and issues. By hiring an MSP, your team can avoid personnel problems and rest assured knowing that your technology is taken care of without the headache of employee relations wrinkles.
3Why should I choose Noverus over other providers?
We started our company with some basic ideals: Offer our customers excellent service, while delivering a positive customer experience. These ideals have helped expand our business and drive customers to our door. A majority of our business simply comes from "word-of-mouth" referrals, one customer telling another of the experience they’ve had with us. We consider this the ultimate compliment.

Additionally, with a staff of certified technical support consultants and engineers, we have the resources and technical expertise to overcome any IT challenge, quickly and efficiently. We provide 24/7 support to ensure you can focus on running your business, not fixing it. From data backup and recovery to infrastructure planning and design, we provided efficient and reliable services to help your business thrive. Additionally, we take our service level agreements very seriously. Supported by consistent glowing customer satisfaction surveys, our staff proactively responds to and manages escalations with a tremendous sense of urgency and care.
4What industries do you serve?
We service many different industries. From healthcare and finance, to the education sector and manufacturing, Noverus has experience in a wide-range of verticals. Click here to learn more about the industries we cover.
5How much do your Managed Services cost?
We offer straight-forward pricing through three different tiers of service. You can decide what package best suits your company’s needs and bottom line. Click here to see the full list of services in each package . In addition to managed services, we also offer IT solutions on a project or break-fix basis. No matter what your technology needs are, you can be confident that by utilizing Noverus as your IT provider you will be getting tremendous value and expertise.
6Does Noverus manage third-party IT vendors?
As a service to our clients in our top two packages, we manage third-party IT vendors from hardware to software and everything in between. We understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of time managing vendor relationships, especially in an area where you may not have expertise. We take care of that headache for you. We also offer hardware and software purchasing, ensuring you get the right product at the right price for your business needs and demands.
7Does Noverus come onsite when we have an IT issue?
As a client of Noverus, when an IT issue arises, your company will submit a ticket through the Noverus Client Center for our team to respond to and take action. Often, this type of support can be done remotely and won’t require us to come onsite. However, there are times when an onsite visit is needed or desired. Should an issue require an on-site visit, such as a complicated server reboot, our team will be there to resolve the problem as part of our service level agreement (SLAs). With Comprehensive Services, unlimited on-site visits during regular business hours are offered with our Infinity Elite package! Click here to review our different Service Plans [add link].
8What if our company has an IT problem after hours or on weekends?
Our staff is available 24/7, 365 days a year. As a client of Noverus, all you need to do is submit a ticket through the Noverus Client Center and our team will respond. Subscribers of one of our Managed Services packages have an added assurance. At Noverus, we’ve developed the “Server Fail” service for our clients. “Server Fail” coverage means that we respond within four hours of your emergency to get your servers running, or other technology issues resolved. Click here to read more about our Emergency Services.

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