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How important is security for your company?

And what steps are you taking to ensure that your security measures are up-to-date and effective?

The questions below will help you assess your security needs.


  • What type of cyber security does your company have?
  • Have you had files disappear in which you can’t pinpoint exactly how or when it happened?
  • Have you been hit with a virus that has corrupted your files, stolen your passwords, or encrypted your data?
  • Have you had any intruders into your network?
  • How many hackers have attempted to access your network?
  • What happens if someone tries to log onto your account, profile, or system, attempting to guess your password?
  • What cyber security logs are available that show who may have accessed internal resources or attempted to access your internal resources?
  • How much spam do you receive?
  • What happens if a user’s computer, particularly a laptop or mobile device, is stolen?
  • Do you have confidential or proprietary information that can be easily copied to a USB thumb drive, emailed, or printed?
  • When you retire a computer, is there important information on the computer’s disk and has the disk been properly cleaned so no one can retrieve confidential or proprietary information from it?

Cyber Security Services
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In today’s IT world, data cyber security is imperative.

Every week, there are stories in the news of hackers gaining access to confidential and proprietary information. Additionally, so often these attackers are responsible for a denial of service, where the target of the hack cannot reach servers and services. To protect your company’s network and internal resources, you must establish multiple security technologies. And it’s imperative that you constantly review and upgrade those security technologies, since the IT world is ever-evolving.

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In 2015, 70% of organizations report having been compromised by a successful cyberattack in the previous 12 month period.

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