All about Ransomware and How IT Services in Sacramento Can Help Prevent It
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June 26, 2017
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All about Ransomware and How IT Services in Sacramento Can Help Prevent It

IT services Sacramento

Ransomware is an ever-increasing, significant threat to businesses of all sizes. The number of ransomware attacks is increasing every month and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime. How can you protect your business from such an attack? A great option is to outsource IT services in Sacramento from a trusted provider.

Why Are Smaller Businesses So Vulnerable?

The simple answer is resources, such as capital, hardware, and people. Smaller businesses do not have the resources that a larger business does. Many smaller companies run on legacy systems, without the help of security experts who could help them fight off attacks. The people who send these attacks understand this vulnerability— that is why they exploit it.

Think the threat might be overstated? Think again. Datto recently completed a survey with over 1,100 managed service providers that help small and medium-sized businesses with their IT needs. Ninety-one percent (91%) of those MSPs reported clients who had received a ransomware attack. Some of them had experienced six or more attacks a year; some in a single day. Having a provider of IT services in Sacramento by your side might be your safest bet to a secure business.

How Do Ransomware Attacks Work?

The most common entry point for ransomware is via email. Let’s say you receive an email from your boss, accountant, or wife that includes a link to an external source. That person has done this before, so you click the link which opens a browser window up and takes you to a landing page. That simple act is enough for ransomware to get into your PC and start infiltrating your company’s network.

The email was a phishing email. It had the look and feel that it came from someone you trust. You thought nothing of clicking the link provided because it also looked legitimate. The web page you landed on also looked legitimate. But, what is happening in the background is anything but legitimate.

Once your web browser opened up that web page, it opened up your network to an exploit kit. That kit probes your PC for vulnerabilities like an out of date version of Java or a non-patched version of Windows. If it finds a vulnerability, it will exploit it. It will download malicious executables which will take over your PC. And it can spread throughout your network putting more of your systems at risk. And all this happens without your knowledge. The only indication you get is when you receive the ransom message.

What Options Do You Have in Case of a Ransomware Attack?

The attackers want a ransom. They will provide instructions on how to send money to them. But, paying the ransom doesn’t always get your data freed. In some cases, the data is never recovered and you are out the ransom money anyway. The best option is to have a comprehensive backup and recovery plan in place. That way, you can recover your data without paying the attackers.

However, the greatest plan is to never let your systems be vulnerable to a ransomware attack in the first place. You need to have comprehensive security in place to prevent this. At Noverus Innovations, Inc., we can definitely help. As a leading IT services provider in Sacramento, we have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to secure your business from these attacks using multiple layers of security, as well as the latest in software and network protections. Contact us today to learn more.