IT Support in Sacramento: How Edge Computing Can Help Your Business
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September 4, 2017
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It’s no secret that using IT support from Sacramento-based companies helps create more successful businesses. However, some IT services can be out of date or function incorrectly. If you are not using the best software and data storage, your company could be missing out on some added benefits that newer technology could offer you. One newer technology is called edge computing. Edge computing can be used with or without cloud services from Sacramento-based companies.

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a new way to store your company’s data on your network. Edge computing stores data at the edge of the network through different end points. What this means is that the data is much more accessible and it doesn’t have to go through a long route of servers to be stored and analyzed. Data that is stored with edge computing can be accessed and analyzed much faster than in traditional storage methods. It can be accessed in real time because it is stored locally on your company’s devices.

Benefits of Edge Computing

Many companies are choosing to use edge computing because of the many benefits it comes with. Edge computing from an IT support firm in Sacramento is very cost-effective because you need less storage from your cloud services or data center. It also increases production by cutting out data processing time. This allows your servers to work faster and communicate between machines quickly. Your network also works faster while using edge computing. Edge computing produces less network traffic because there is not as much data that needs to be transmitted across servers. Edge computing also increases the performance of your application and software due to lower latency levels.

How Edge Computing and Cloud Services Work Hand in Hand

Edge computing is best for storing data that is time-sensitive. This data can be easily accessed right when your company needs it. Cloud services should be used to store data that is not as time sensitive. Edge computing is unable to hold all data at the edge of the network, which is why cloud services are still needed. If all data was stored with edge computing, it would slow down the network and cause data storage problems. These two storage data options work together to ensure your company’s data is managed and accessed in an efficient way.

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