Securing IT Support in Sacramento That Will Preserve Your Data
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September 6, 2017
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September 11, 2017

An IT support provider in Sacramento can help you, but not if you wait too long to secure it. Murphy’s Law is something we’re all pretty familiar with at this point. If there’s a possibility of something going awry, you can expect that at some point it will go awry. So take out the “if” and substitute it with “when.” What are you going to do “when” systems crash unexpectedly? How are you going to handle that situation? Do you have backup and data recovery (BDR) solutions in place? How about a business continuity plan? Have you attained MSP support from a group that offers the lowest RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) in the area? Because that’s what you want.

The faster you can get individual applications (RPO) back online after a crash, as well as your entire network (RTO), the faster you can get back to profitability. A small business may only lose $10 in a minute. A large organization could lose $10,000 in a minute. Bill Gates is so valuable, if he saw a $100 bill on the sidewalk and stopped to pick it up on his way to some important meeting, he would actually lose more money in the time it took him to stoop and pick up that bill, than if he were just to continue walking. Well, downtime is similar, and the better your business is doing, the more costly downtime is. Several factors which contribute to downtime include:

  • Natural Disaster
  • User Error
  • Cyberattack
  • Hardware Failure

Threats Explored

We’ve recently seen how hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc across the southern portion of the United States, most specifically Houston, Texas. That hurricane definitely knocked out some data centers and even a few IT companies. IT support in Sacramento is designed to withstand such natural events by using remote backup solutions as a means of protecting clients and themselves.

User error is something nobody can protect against, and something that will happen eventually. All that’s necessary is a slight distraction at a crucial moment, the pressing of the wrong switch or the “fat-fingering” of a key in a programming c command and an entire system crashes.

Cyberattacks will cause more than $2 trillion in damages by 2019, according to some estimates, and cybercrime is certainly on the rise. Then you’ve got hardware failure to contend with, which is— again— something you can statistically expect to experience over several years of operation.


You want a threefold security approach to secure your systems in a sustainable way. This approach should include:

  • Multiple Redundancies in Backup Solutions (Cloud & Off-Site Solutions)
  • Expedited RTO and RPO
  • Comprehensive Backup Solutions

You want backups for your backups. Cloud computing support is essential, but off-site backups make a lot of sense too; especially in areas prone to natural disaster. RTO and RPO should be expedited by the right IT group, and your BDR should have a “bases covered,” comprehensive quality to it.

Securing Recovery Service

IT support in Sacramento through Noverus Innovations, Inc. can help retrieve data and comprehensively back it up. We can protect you from natural disasters, hardware failures, user error, and cybercrime. Contact us for effective data security.