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It is difficult to avoid today’s horror stories about cybersecurity, but what exactly is it and how can a managed IT services provider in Sacramento, like us at Noverus Innovations, Inc., help protect your company? Cybercrime is any wrongdoing perpetrated either by computer or over the internet. All companies, regardless of size, need to make sure they are protected. So, how can you make sure this type of crime doesn’t affect your company?

Types of Cyber Crime

Hackers generally try to infiltrate a company’s infrastructure by installing their own software that can give them access to sensitive data and financial information or cause damage so the company can no longer function. Examples of this are viruses or malware that delete or scramble programs or data and ransomware that will only allow access to the company’s systems after a fee has been paid.

Criminals gain access to a company in various ways, from phishing to circumventing passwords, and these methods are constantly being refined. Phishing is very low maintenance for the hackers as it is relatively cheap to send out a barrage of emails in the hope someone will be fooled by them. However, there are different levels of phishing. There are mass-produced emails purporting to come from large, well-known companies and more directed emails that look like they are being sent from someone on an individual’s contact list. Both attempt to persuade the recipient to divulge login information and passwords by pretending to be a trusted associate or company, and the access is then used to steal or corrupt data.

Protect Your Company from Cyber Crime

Unfortunately, employees are the easiest target for cybercriminals looking to gain access to a company. Your staff must be aware of all possible methods of deception. They should be vigilant, and never trust a request for password authentication or financial information. If there are safeguards in place to double check before information is emailed, or before downloads or unfamiliar websites are clicked, there will be a much greater chance that hackers will be prevented from gaining information about your company. At Noverus Innovations, Inc., our mission is to safeguard businesses like yours against cyber threats, and we’ll always be there to educate your staff about the right things to do.

It goes without saying that virus checkers and malware tools should be in place and updated as frequently as possible. It is a sad fact that updates will always be slightly behind the hackers. However, by installing regular patches, chances are the majority of incursions will be stopped before they become a problem. Our managed IT services experts in Sacramento recommend having two-tier authentication when anyone logs in to your IT system and passwords that are strong and changed regularly.

In order to make sure your company is completely protected from hackers and criminals, it would be wise to partner with a managed IT services provider in Sacramento like us at Noverus Innovations, Inc. for help. We have experienced technicians that are not only capable of protecting a company from hackers, but also able to help your staff recognize any potential threats. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your company.