IT Support in Sacramento Can Protect You Against Common Viruses
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March 2, 2018
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Know Your Enemy

IT support in Sacramento needs to provide comprehensive solutions which protect from all sides against known and unknown IT threats. At Noverus Innovations, Inc., we advise a number of protective measures to help ensure operations aren’t undermined by cybercrime. One aspect of our protections concerns identifying software threats and providing means of barricading operations from them. Common cyber threats to consider include:

  • General Viruses
  • Corporate Espionage—Think: Spyware
  • Pernicious Adware
  • The Recently-Dubbed Scareware
  • Ransomware
  • Trojans

General Viruses

Antivirus software can help against general software viruses. These are more annoying than anything. Some are designed as impractical jokes, some are designed to siphon information, some are designed for no discernible purpose. You’re likely to find these attached to .exe files. They tend to spread through your computer and at the worst can crash it. At Noverus Innovations, Inc., we recommend real-time file scanning solutions in conjunction with antivirus protocols for the most comprehensive protection

Corporate Espionage—Think: Spyware

Spyware is another way other businesses may steal operational secrets from yours but there are other corporate espionage techniques which use multiple means of intrusion. IT support in Sacramento recommends anti-spyware solutions, and at Noverus, we can help you to properly apply anti-spyware protocols. Something else you want to do is hide your login information so that some physical espionage agent doesn’t find his way into your system simply by memorizing a sticky-note.

Pernicious Adware

Especially on insecure sites, adware can be a real scourge. You’ve seen it. Pop-ups sometimes jump out of certain websites and make it nigh-impossible to navigate your end-user portal. These can be especially annoying on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, as touch-screen interfaces are exploited against the user’s best interests. Some of these adware pop-ups can end up installing unwanted software on your operating systems. Regarding sensuous markets, this can be professionally damaging to your business. Compounding the issue is that such adware often accompanies seeming milquetoast sites. You need to have firewall protections in place and carefully meter which sites are accessible on your business’s network. The right Sacramento cyber security team can help you design an appropriate strategy here.


These are adware viruses which pretend to notice a virus on your computer and offer a solution. They try and scare you into downloading what they offer. Avoid these, they can usher in all manner of underhanded software.


Ransomware can cost you a lot. In 2017, May, the WannaCry virus combined ransomware with a worm that transcended countries, affecting over 150. You need to have patches, which are continuously updated as new ones become available. Additionally, you need to educate employees pertaining to best email practices. Email is traditionally where ransomware comes from but WannaCry exploited an inbuilt vulnerability commissioned by the NSA. This is why patching is, additionally, necessary.


Last but not least are Trojans. A big trend today has viruses of the Trojan variety hiding in third-party software and striking as the hacker desires. This caused a massive internet outage via DDoS attack in 2016. Avoid third-party apps.

Properly Securing Your Business

IT support in Sacramento through Noverus Innovations, Inc. can help you safeguard yourself against these and developing cyber threats. Contact us for comprehensive and continuously developing solutions.