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Noverus Infinity Echo Share

provides resilient shared files that can be accessed from anywhere.

Shared folders have been around for decades. They allow users to access remote files securely from any computer or location. Utilizing the Internet and the cloud, Noverus Infinity Echo Share provides secure file access from anywhere, as long there is Internet connection.

Do you have employees or consultants who work outside of the office? You can provide them easy access to files to allow them to do their job remotely. File sharing offers flexibility for all kinds of jobs, companies, and industries to conduct business in remote ways, without hindering productivity. Employees who work out in the field, your sales teams, or users who telecommute can easily access company files and folders securely, allowing them to work seamlessly, no matter their location.

With Noverus Infinity Echo Share, your company can be confident in knowing that its files and folders are available 24/7 from any location you assign, without compromising security or integrity.

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