IT Challenges Faced By SMBs and How Managed Services in Sacramento Can Help
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July 3, 2017
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July 6, 2017

IT challenges exist for businesses of all sizes. Just because a business is small or medium-sized does not mean its business trials will be small in scope. In fact, many small businesses frequently face extremely challenging IT projects. There is no way to predict exactly which IT challenge will pop up. The course of IT operations hinges on the path the business takes and the manner in which technology evolves. Let’s take a look at some of the most common IT challenges of small to medium-sized businesses and the role of managed services in Sacramento:

Information Overload

There are all sorts of IT solutions available. It is important to ally with a group of IT professionals who know exactly which solutions are ideal for your particular business. Opt to use the wrong tools or rely on unqualified individuals for guidance and your organization won’t enjoy efficient IT problem-solving. The bottom line is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain ahead of IT innovations. Infrastructures are becoming more and more complex, making it difficult for small IT teams to handle.

An Ever-increasing Workload

The amount of IT work just keeps on rising even though most companies are expanding their IT budgets and manpower. IT success hinges on the availability of resources like personnel, funding, and equipment. These resources must be properly managed to ensure compliance, timely problem resolution, and adequate end-user support. The number of applications continues to expand, resulting in more pressure on IT personnel. In some instances, the latest IT functions will require a hardware upgrade. Effectively managing such a wide range of tasks requires a true managed services provider in Sacramento.

Integration Apps Requires More and More Time

The successful integration of applications and new technologies with current systems is challenging and time-consuming. The apps must flawlessly work in unison while maintaining adequate security and ensuring operations are conducted in a seamless manner.

Hardware and Software End of Life Spurs Costs and Challenges

There are unique security risks, compliance issues, and costs associated with the “end of life” issue for software and hardware. This is especially difficult when a product is no longer supported by a manufacturer. The proper planning is essential so your budget isn’t overly-strained. Organizations must migrate away from outgoing platforms by specific deadlines or run the risk of not being able to operate as they have in the past.

Pinpointing the Proper Amount of Flexibility and Scalability

Business requirements are dynamic, to say the least. It is imperative that your company has the proper amount of flexibility and scalability. Opt for the right system to provide the capacity your organization needs to permit additional expansion.

Don’t let IT Challenges Overwhelm Your Team

IT projects have the potential to cripple your organization. If your team doesn’t have the knowledge, skills, or manpower necessary to overcome these hurdles, don’t panic. At Noverus Innovations, we can help with every aspect of your company’s IT. Our managed services team in Sacramento provides monitoring, data backups, data recovery, and a wide range of additional IT solutions. This is the assistance you need to clear your IT hurdles in a timely manner so you can maintain your focus on boosting your bottom line. For more info, feel free to contact us today.