The cloud is one of the newer buzz words in technology.

With the cloud, you can run servers, applications, and services, which are usually available on the Internet. The cloud uses a “black box” approach. When an application or service is placed in the cloud, you don’t worry about how the application or service works, and you don’t worry about the infrastructure that the application or service works on. The hosting company worries about those details. Instead, users that use the application or service access the application and service, and it just works. Since the cloud application and services will be used by multiple customers, those applications and services will cost less as it is spread among those customers. You also don’t have to worry about the technical details, or establish an infrastructure for the application and services to run on.

So what can you do with the cloud?

Some examples of using the cloud are:

  • Host your email
  • Provide Microsoft Office applications
  • Provide SharePoint services
  • Provide cloud storage
  • Provide servers and applications
  • Provide system management
  • Provide online meetings and conference calls

Since these applications and services are on the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere that has access to the Internet.

Did you know?

The three biggest concerns that is stopping an organization into moving to the cloud is include security (61%), integration challenges (46%) and information governance (35%).