Mobile Device Management and Deployment Solutions from IT Support Providers in Sacramento
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Most businesses depend on mobile devices for daily commercial operations. You should ensure that you obtain a mobile device management solution from your IT support provider in Sacramento.

In the past, smart phones and tablets were only used for business tasks when employees were within the company premises. Onsite management solutions and security measures were sufficient for business networks.
This onsite limitation soon became obsolete. Due to the inception of advanced computing methods, more people work on the move or at home. And an onsite management structure for mobile devices is only part of the solution.

To phrase the problem in simple terms: if employees can only do their computing operations onsite, there will be delays in operations. And without any data and security protection, company data and processes will be at risk to hackers when employees carry their devices offsite, and work remote.

Cloud-Based MDM

The mobile device management solutions offered by MSPs are designed to overcome the detriments posed by on-site management, and the cloud provides ideal solutions. When you implement a cloud-based MDM solution from an IT support firm, you will receive special management policies. These policies are designed to help your mobile devices communicate with both your onsite network and your cloud-based services and applications.

This setup means that there will be no delays in operations or a bottleneck. This set-up attributes to the fact that the high volume of work will not only be handled by the centralized on-site systems but off site as well.

The cloud based design is also favourable because the applications required for mobile computing will be cloud based. Therefore, your IT support in Sacramento can perform upgrades and updates in a central place, ensuring optimal performance and security.

If you have to depend on on-site MDM, you will have to wait for the software vendor to provide the updates. Then, every device will have to be manually updated and tested before resuming normal operations.
This provision causes unnecessary downtime. You should also note that cloud-based MDM will reduce your expenses regarding infrastructure.

If you increase the number of mobile devices or applications, you will only need to request more cloud capacity instead of purchasing new servers.

Deploying New Devices

When you purchase a new mobile device for your business, you will find that deployment is easy with cloud-based MDM. In the past, a device had to be manually logged into the corporate network and configured to allow access to computing services and corporate applications.

This manual work created a blind spot because there was no expert management. With cloud-based MDM, your MSP technicians can control this process, ensuring optimal security for the company. In general, an employee will only need sign into the network with their email and enroll into the business cloud. This process authorizes the MSP to manage the device.

Next, all the relevant policies from the MDM will be applied to the device automatically. This automation minimizes the risk of error during deployment, particularly in comparison to manual configuration. Moreover, the employee can perform these tasks remotely, instead of having to visit the office.
This cloud-based setup and management ensure control and optimal security over corporate mobile devices. To learn more about MDM solutions from IT support in Sacramento, contact our technicians at Noverus Innovations, Inc.