managed IT services Sacramento
Managed IT Services Providers in Sacramento Can Help You Transition to the Cloud
October 3, 2017
managed IT services Sacramento
Why Should You Hire a vCIO from a Managed IT Services Firm in Sacramento?
October 5, 2017

IT support in Sacramento has to deal with an operational environment in constant flux. Today, between the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and the synthesis of these two which is edge computing (a solution using IoT devices to process data) users are used to always having access. Think of PayPal, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Facebook… these sites never go down, and they really can’t afford to; downtime to them would be too expensive it would cost millions hourly.

Here are some additional reasons continuity is integral in business today:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cost of Downtime

Unexpected Disasters

If you’ve got continuity solutions in place that “mirrors” your systems, then you can mitigate the risks involved in an operation. If one system goes down, then you’ve got the other. Having such forms of security ensures your business remains in compliance with legal strictures predicating information safety. HIPAA is especially domineering in this respect. Healthcare institutions who fail to comply can face hefty fines, as can the MSPs who support them. This is through something called shared liability. Having business continuity solutions for backup and disaster recovery helps offset such costs through proper compliance facilitation. All these things work together to reduce downtime. The larger the business, the more costly downtime can be. Did you know some businesses lose $100,000 an hour or more? That’s $1,666.66 a minute, or $27.77 a second. IT support in Sacramento has to be able to defray such a loss.

Annual Costs of Downtime

If you experience 13 hours of downtime in a year – and that’s about the average – at $100k/hour, that’s $1.3 million every year. If you can cut that in half, you save $650k a year. If you can cut downtime down to ten minutes, then you save over a million dollars annually. If it cost $500,000 for you to set up a backup system with excessive redundancies, your savings would pay for this through sustained continuity.

Business Continuity Strategies

Automation is key. While you can have both manual and automatic solutions to maintain business continuity, every second count. Unless you can just throw away over $1,500 a minute, automatic solutions make the most sense. You want the absolute swiftest solution. Automation can provide that for you. Unless by “manual” you mean you’ve got some sort of cybernetic IT professional permanently jacked into your network, and with the ability to make lightning-quick decisions at the same speed as a computer, then there’s no way to match the speed of automation.

Additionally, you will need cloud support solutions. Yes, it’s good to have an available backup system on-site. If your business has the proper assets, you may want to combine this with a cloud computing solution and an edge network fail-safe plan. That said, mirroring your network on a cloud solution could provide you the same continuity at a fraction of the price.

IT support in Sacramento through Noverus Innovations, Inc. can save you thousands of dollars per hour (or minute) depending on the size of your business. Contact us to apply business continuity solutions to maintain your operation’s relevancy efficiently, cost-effectively, and perpetually.