How IT Support in Sacramento Can Make Your Cloud Migration Seamless
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October 30, 2017
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Cloud migration is one of this decade’s most talked about IT support concerns in Sacramento among firms that try to stay on the cutting edge. To some degree, the cloud has become mainstream in the business world, due to its cost-cutting advantages and simplicity. But moving to the cloud requires careful planning and patience if you want the smoothest results. Fortunately, Noverus Innovations Inc. is here to help your transition to the cloud successful.

Preparation Process

It is essential for your business to spend a sufficient amount of time preparing for a cloud migration. Sometimes, when businesses get too ambitious, they speed up the process by skipping past preparation, which can lead to organizational and third-party integration problems. Effective cloud migration requires that 90% of your time be spent on planning and 10% on deployment.

Choosing the appropriate cloud platforms and cloud services for your business is extremely important. You may want to test several free trials for cloud applications to find out which ones will bring you the most valuable. Working with an experienced managed services provider (MSP) can help point you in the right direction toward improved efficiency and production.

Data Protection

Your IT support in Sacramento must protect your data from cyber attacks and other disasters. Partnering with us at Noverus Innovations Inc.will give your business an edge in preventing meltdowns that threaten operations and your reputation. By now, it should be clear that organizations big or small can be attacked, but the ones that use multiple layers of security protection will have the best chance of blocking attacks.

Data centers tend to use much more robust and modern security solutions than the average small business infrastructure. Cloud providers often use automated backup systems so that your data is preserved in case of a power outage or security breach.

IT personnel must also consistently back up all of your digital assets every day on more than one server. This policy allows you to always have a fresh accessible backup of your data at any time. Businesses that forget to do regular backups are at risk of losing valuable data if they are ever struck with malware.

Cloud Migration Steps

When planning your cloud migration, take a look at your existing infrastructure and determine whether or not you need a hybrid or complete cloud solution. Some of your areas of concern should be your budget, security, database size and capacity demands, service availability, and compatibility issues. Then take the following steps:

  • Choose a quality cloud provider
  • Devise your migration plan
  • Determine which applications need to be replaced
  • Decide on how to reduce downtime during migration
  • Transfer your applications and data to the cloud
  • Test and validate your applications, and train your staff on operating in the new cloud environment

In addition to these primary steps, you’ll need to plan for updating database code, troubleshooting, and evaluating system performance. For a smooth database transition, which can be complicated, it’s best to work with experts.

An experienced IT support team in Sacramento can help you make a seamless transition to the cloud. You will need to spend plenty of time investigating and evaluating your business technology needs before the actual cloud migration. To learn more, contact us at Noverus Innovations Inc., and find out how we can upgrade your enterprise infrastructure with cloud solutions.