Hybrid Cloud Trends for 2018 as Shared by an IT Support Provider in Sacramento
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February 26, 2018
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The numerous benefits of cloud computing have seen small, medium, and large companies embracing this innovative way of running their IT systems. In 2017, more and more companies came on board and this trend is expected to gather momentum. As an IT support provider in Sacramento, we at Noverus believe that there are four key trends in hybrid cloud computing that you should pay attention to.

A Shift from Cloud Adoption to Cloud Optimization

Most of the private cloud vendors offering infrastructure as a service (IaaS) spent the better part of 2016 and 2017 developing and refining their cloud strategies. Around this time, giant public cloud vendors, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon and IBM, came into the market with each offering their own version of IaaS. In 2018, businesses such as yours won’t be lacking in options, as you will have plenty from which you can choose your preferred public cloud services vendor in Sacramento. With the presence of many other IaaS providers on the market, these providers will have to optimize their offerings through competitive pricing and other strategies to attract new and repeat clients.

Integration of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Containers

As an IT support provider in Sacramento, we at Noverus have acknowledged the importance of facilitating software and app developers to create new business opportunities in the expansive cloud. There is a need to ensure that the apps and software developed by these developers can run across different platforms. It is expected that both PaaS and Containers will be integrated across various hybrid cloud solutions in 2018.

Optimized Connections

There are many companies that are currently offering co-location services. These companies have come up with a way through which they can help firms using private and public cloud options to enjoy optimized network connections. Those on a hybrid cloud will also get to enjoy the optimized network connections similar to those enjoyed by businesses using private or public clouds. The optimized connections are meant to ensure that you, the client, get to enjoy improved usability and efficiency.

More On-Site Services Will Be Launched

Tech giants are expected to use the public cloud to come up with serverless platforms, which they will offer to their clients. These serverless platforms can then be used to deliver public cloud resources from the cloud to the business’ in-house data centers. Firms will benefit from this service, which will allow them to enjoy public cloud resources without having to access the public cloud.

Take Action

With the interesting things set to happen this year, you cannot afford to be left behind. Talk to us at Noverus Innovations, Inc., and we will help you take advantage of these trends. As an IT support provider in Sacramento, we have helped so many companies get ready for the changes that are coming. You too can be among the successful companies. Contact us today and let us discuss how you can benefit from these trends.