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IT Support in Sacramento and the Sense in Switching to Managed IT Services

IT support in Sacramento is crucial, especially to small and mid-sized businesses, which are slowly switching to managed services.

Managed services are the proactive management of the IT operation of a company usually by a third party, also known as a managed service provider (MSP). A company that uses in-house IT services may experience production losses due to hardware failure, data loss, or network interruptions. This can be avoided by hiring an MSP to deliver quality managed services.

Here are some of the benefits of switching to managed services:

1. Reliability and Efficiency in the IT Operations

All businesses require a reliable and efficient IT system to scale up the business. And small and mid-sized companies may find it more beneficial and economical to use managed services as opposed to in-house staff because of the cost.

It may be hard for a small company to justify hiring an in-house staff because there may not be enough work. At the same time, it is dangerous to assume that the staff you already have can handle any technical IT issues that may arise. It is for this reason that you should look for managed services.

There are many services that you can get from IT support in Sacramento, including:

    • Cloud Computing
    • Regular database network and maintenance
    • Bakup and disaster recovery
    • Upgrades to all parts of the system
    • Remote monitoring ang management


2. Proactive Maintenance

Most business managers do not take IT maintenance as serious as they should. Mostly, they wait until disaster strikes to start looking for solutions. That is a major business setback that MSPs cannot allow to happen. MSPs do constant system monitoring, as well as upgrading the system software and hardware to keep it running smoothly. In the case of unforeseen disasters like a cyberattack or a power outage, managed service will have a backup for your data and a recovery procedure. With managed services, your business will be much better protected against production losses caused by IT issues.

3. Enhanced Security

Using mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones may compromise data. An MSP goes the extra mile of monitoring such devices and solving any issue that may arise from them. Having managed services is a guarantee that your business data is safe and can be retrieved anytime in case of any disaster.


It is evident that outsourcing managed IT services makes financial and security sense. If you are looking for an IT support provider in Sacramento, as well as managed services, Noverus Infinity is here to offer you some assistance. We provide services such as network design and implementation, onsite support services, data backup and recovery, server management and virtualization, and cloud service management. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help solve your business issues

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