IT Services in Sacramento Increase Productivity among Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
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July 5, 2017
managed IT services Sacramento
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July 10, 2017

Essential Operational Components

IT services providers in Sacramento assist small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in ways which allow them to compete with larger corporate entities. There are a number of ways this is done, and three primary benefits of such solutions include:

  • Improvement of operational efficiency
  • Staff productivity increase
  • Reduction of expense in key operational areas

Efficiency Improvement

IT services providers in Sacramento assist in operational efficiency in several key ways. Security reduces the instances of downtime necessary when operations are compromised. If a ransomware program undermines a given business, often the fix is a complete reboot. Such a reboot perpetuates downtime, and downtime is expensive. Meanwhile, managed security through an IT agency specializing in tech helps catch security-compromising situations before they begin, curtailing downtime and predicating continuous operations. This is in addition to IoT applications, cloud computing, upgrades, maintenance, and proactive service management which can curtail redundancies and facilitate an increase in revenue.

Staff Productivity

When your staff has the right tools for the job, they’re equipped for success. Consider this example: send a scuba diver into the waters without any tanks, and regardless of that individual’s skill, submersion will only be a few minutes. The world record for an individual holding one’s breath underwater is 24 minutes— that doesn’t hold a candle to the six days a diver can remain submerged with proper equipment. Look at the disparity in those figures: 24 minutes as opposed to six days. That’s a factor of 1 to 360— as in 24 multiplied by 360 is equal to the time spent underwater with the right equipment. You’ve got a very similar situation when it comes to the productivity of your staff with the right equipment. Even the best employee can only do so much without the necessary tools. If you want a dramatic increase in effectiveness, give your staff the right tools for the job.

Expense Reduction

Part of properly securing your operation and enabling your employees for success involves upgrading systems technologically. There will be an increase of exponential proportions between antiquated solutions and those that are on the cutting edge. Consider cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). Cloud computing can allow SMBs to outsource their data center. Instead of paying multiple thousands annually to maintain internal data centers, you can pay a monthly cost that is a fraction of that, and enjoy essentially the same advantages. If you have security concerns, go with a hybridized option and retain proprietary data on-site— you’ll still save thousands annually. Additionally, with cloud computing, you’ve got a more secure operational solution. If systems are compromised, downtime is substantively diminished by BDR solutions which are nigh-instantaneous— this in addition to employees having greater access to available software solutions. When you factor IoT into the equation, you can continuously reap real-time data pertaining to your operations which allows you to eliminate unknown redundancies and further expedite profitable operations.

Optimize Your SMB

IT services in Sacramento through Noverus Innovations, Inc are designed to streamline operations of small, medium, and large businesses. Contact us for solutions that will facilitate cost-effective, efficient results which are secure and observable. One final thing to consider: your competition will very likely do the same. Don’t get left in the dust by refraining from action.