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February 23, 2022

Enabling your remote workforce infographic

Looking for a virtual environment to make work more accessible, flexible, and secure? How about saving money too? Learn the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop here.
February 22, 2022

Invest in Frontline Workers to drive growth

Are you looking to minimize risk and grow your business? Start by empowering your Frontline Workers with the right technology and tools. For more tips and tricks as well as the latest news from Microsoft, subscribe today!
February 21, 2022

Azure Arc-enabled data services

There are multiple on-premises challenges that range from patching and upgrading to data security and governance. With Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled data services, your company can get Azure innovation, cloud benefits, and flexible cloud billing across its data estate—with better cost efficiency and from anywhere in the world. Sign up to stay connected. We'll help you innovate with Azure Arc to deliver the right cloud experience for your data workloads.
February 20, 2022

Azure Arc—the future of hybrid and multicloud

All cloud management capabilities are now native in Microsoft Azure. Containers, VM, on-prem, and public cloud infrastructure can be brought together under Azure Arc. You decide who can access your data with full governance and policy tools applied across your systems, regardless of where they reside. Arc delivers on the promise that Azure is "the world's computer."
February 19, 2022

Windows Virtual Desktop

Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace with confidence. In the video below, learn how Windows Virtual Desktop expands capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience.